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Sharing certain design features with the Spitfire, the Short Mac provides a performance shape with the added bonus of stability and ease of use with its squared-off nose.


The squared-off nose shape allows for a straighter outline forward to generate glide and stability. You’ll feel comfortable paddling for a wave and running down the line, as the board accelerates very easily.

Outline curve in-between the feet will let you maneuver through sections with ease and hit the lip at will. The Short Mac doesn’t need powerful waves to throw big turns.

Progressive rocker with a flatter mid-section and single concave in the front creates speed. A more pronounced curve when you step back, combined with a double concave out through the tail equates to response and release.

Ultimately, the Short Mac is a high-performance board on which you won’t have to reduce your surf time because of balance fatigue. It’s perfect for the entry-level shortboard rider or the more experienced but larger fella. 

 7'10" x 28.5" x 106L    8'5" x 29" x 115L    8'7" x 29.5" x 124L    8'10" x 30.5" x 135L 

Come in contact for sizes that are not available !!

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