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Welcome to the PRO X a board that is designed with racing as its main focus!


14 x 22 x 279L ELITE carbon PVC sandwich molded the PRO X is designed for that close racing we all love, a board that you can take into battle and have full confidence that it will come out the other side stronger than ever.

PERFORMANCE - With racing as the PRO X’s main focus, we wanted to make a board that has amazing glide speed but also something that is stable when needed so you can really put that power down. The PRO X uses some of the EDGE PRO 2 magic with the completely revolutionised tail design that gives the board that little extra smooth release while keeping the turning ability, the PRO X takes this design to the next level and makes it a board that can be used in the waves and races with lots of turns.

The standing area has been lowed right to the water level giving you the best stability possible. The ramped area is a little stepper than normal as we have brought the tail volume forward which helps when catching waves and not getting the water comes in the tail of the board.

The front of the cockpit and side rails have been lifted which stops any water coming in over the nose or side rails this makes riding small Downwind much easier as less chance of water coming inside the cockpit area keeps the board lighter and faster all the time.

The nose is super pulled in and more so on the bottom of the boards profile giving the PRO X unmatched speed and glide.

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