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Hipster Twin "pin" (Same size and volumes and swallow )

Being added alongside the swallow tail version of the Hipster twin is the twin pin version . It's a smalll subtle difference that actually makes quite a large difference in feel. But couldn't replace the swallow tail for the for the fact that nothing would match the swallow tails combination of speed and acceleration. 

What it does provide however is 

- The ability to drive more vertically up the face. 

-smoother rail to rail transition 

- ability to pivot turn more vertically off the top. Rolling on the curves off the pin int he tail. 

- sits in the  hollower part of wave a little better, a la when it's barrelling.

- Fabric play rails. Varying graphics that make it impossible to chip the rails with the paddle, eliminating the need for rail tape.


Sizes and Volume

7'8 x 28" - 98 L

7'10 x 29.5" - 109 L

8'0 x 30.5" - 118 L

8'3 x 31" - 123 L

8'6 x 31.5" - 132 L

8'10 x 32" - 145 L

9'3 x 33" - 153 L

In-lay fabric pattern can vary.

Send us about stock and pre orders 

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