Cross-Over Wing & SUP Foil

Cross-Over Wing & SUP Foil

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To start wingsurfing, a relatively longer board is ideal for getting you going. Our Slab boards being perfect all rounder.

 Under 5'8 it's quite difficult to get a sup to paddle into a wave and get up onto the foil. Possible but not ideal for most. With the 6'9 providing ample volume and glide for the heavier rider.  

The versatility to have a board you can wing foil and SUP foil is indeed a bonus, when it's not windy you can be out there enjoying a sup/foil and then when the wind kicks you can switch the paddle for a wing. The perfect one board quiver.

The other bonus of boards of this volume is if when winging the wind drops, you can still float back to the beach. 

                 5’8 x 29" @100L                 6’3 x 29.5" @115 L 


                6’6 x 30" @128L                 6’9 x 32" @143 L