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The MANEA 2021 is such a success that we decided to also produce it with the latest technology with pre-preg carbon sandwich hollow construction.

We call it the H2O. This high technology construction is the best to keep weight down but also increase resistance and durability.

= Bigger volume for better flotation and reactivity to water movements. The board is made for Flat water but it handles choppy condition extremely well.

= Flattened angle and wider rail chimes from front to tail to give more stability without affecting the speed.

= New engraved V profile following the stringer at the bottom of the board to create more stiffness and responds to accelerations.

= The biggest improvement for this year is the front top that we totally re-studied and reshaped with adjusted profiles and curves.

It’s now been 14 years of SUP race and no other brand thought about this detail which however is more than 30% of the board and not the less important.

Why did we work so hard on it?

1/ To stiffen the hole board

2/ Those profiles act like deflectors to avoid getting water into the cockpit when it’s choppy.

3/ To be the first to create a futuristic look.

= Finally the whole cockpit has been redesigned to give more comfort weather at race starts, cruising speed, dealing with chops and swell, acceleration and buoy turns.

The results are fantastic!!!

- Great glide

- Great reactivity

- Great comfort

- Incomparable stiffness

- Futuristic look


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