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425pro MANEA

425pro MANEA

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The MANEA has been designed to be super light and very fast in flat water conditions. The nose is shaped to gently enter the water with as little drag as possible and the lateral curves use the pressure of the water to help propel the board forward. The recessed deck keeps the rider closer to the water, and a lower center of gravity gives a better balance that translates into more power per stroke.


Bigger volume for better flotation and reactivity to water movements. The board is made for Flatwater but it handles choppy condition extremely well. Flattened angle and wider rail chimes from front to tail to give more stability without affecting the speed. New V engraver line following the stringer to the bottom of the board to create more stiffness and responds to accelerations. 

Front top totally studied and reshaped with adjusted profiles and curves for the 3 following reasons: 

1/ Stiffen the board

2/ Act like deflectors (avoiding getting water into the cockpit)

3/ Create an epic look 

The whole cockpit has been redesigned to give more comfort weather at race starts, cruising speed, dealing with chops and swell, acceleration and buoy turns. 

The results are fantastic!!!

- Great glide

- Great reactivity

- Great comfort

- Incomparable stiffness

- Futuristic look

Now available in 14’x20’’, 14’x22’’, 14’x24’’ and 14’x26’’.

Try it and you’ll be addicted.



The technology of our 2021 boards was improved to provide the best performance and more durability. Our boards are designed and shaped with a high-end technology with perfectly balanced weight, strength and impact resistant characteristics. Our latest MANEA race board technology combines pre-coated EPS foam, a 4OZ fibreglass layer, PMI foam as a deck reinforcement, a double full wrap 6OZ carbon layers, and a high performance gloss finish paint.We also added a smooth comfort deck pad grip, as well as a tail kick pad to each one of our 2021 race board models.

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